My name is Joanne Parker and I am Pushbike b2b and my passion is business
development. I love talking to new people, having great conversations about their

So, what exactly do I do? Put simply, I have over 20 years experience in picking
up the phone and building business relationships on your behalf! I am basically an
enthusiastic ferret!

I work with marketing and sales teams and with Managing Directors. As well as
picking up the phone, I write the phone script myself and I tailor all the follow
up emails to the conversations I have had – I don’t generally send out templates.

I look at the market and bring back anything which can help contribute to
winning the business you are looking for. Everyone I work with gets a feedback
report with the potential contracts and estimated values and timelines.

Being a bit of a ferret – I also really enjoy doing surveys! I call your customers and
have a chat with them. I make a lot of notes and they often tell me things they
wouldn’t tell a salesperson. If they are happy, they rave about you and if they are
not so happy they’ll rant about you! Either way, it’s all feedback to help you
improve your service.

And if the very thought of picking up a phone and talking to someone fills you
with dread – I can help you with that too!

So if you need help pimping up your pipeline, please get in touch with me
www.pushbikeb2b.co.uk and we can pedal off up those hills and freewheel down
the other side!

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