My “WHY” has always been to ensure that Small Businesses have the same level of support and understanding of their Financials as that of Larger Organisations and of course… “Simplicity over Complexity”.

MY EXPERTISE: I worked as a successful Accountant and Senior Manager in the Corporate Sector for over 30 years, I understand and have experienced life when profit margins and people are squeezed, and the pressure is overwhelming. I also have my own company and know the struggles of the business owner and the many hats we have to wear and how the fear of failure can hold you back.

✅ WHO ARE MY CLIENTS: You’ll be a small business owner, director, or business professional.

✅ WHAT OTHERS SAY: “What gets measured gets managed and Sally certainly helps you measure it. If you don’t understand the numbers in your business, then Sally certainly is the person to get in! I have found her to be very professional and knowledgeable and I’m sure she will save you more than she costs you”

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