I started my Utility Warehouse Business 3 and a half years ago, as I was looking to build a residual income as a pension top up, and having saved a fortune on my own telephone & energy bills, I knew this was a company I could recommend wholeheartedly.

I also knew that there would be plenty of other people around the country like me, who may also be paying far too much for their utilities, and therefore I could help them too
Initially, my business was very much a side gig to my full time work as a contract by contract basis accountant.

However, when the pandemic hit last March, my contracting work had all completely dried up, and so my “Plan B” suddenly became my “Plan A”

I also realised that businesses would also need help, especially if their business had been disrupted, and so I joined forces with a premium Business energy broker to help them get the best energy deals.

Earlier this year, I spotted a further opportunity to help businesses, this time with their card payment costs, as this fits in very well with my other businesses, and so I became an independent card payments solutions Consultant.

I am absolutely passionate about helping people to save money where I can, and I also love to help people earn some extra money if they want to join me on my journey.

I am always happy to help wherever I can.

Mobile: 07947 057306

Email: wrighthelenc@yahoo.com

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