Simon Pollard is the man and the name fronting

  • Awakening walks and talks and,
  • Simple life garden design. Amazing gardens for busy professionals who love gardens and hate gardening.

Both parts of the business come from the same start point.  We are better happier people when we acknowledge our connection to the outside world.  The outdoors as part of our DNA and even if we have allowed our minds to forget, our bodies remember. 

Through our 5 senses we experience the world in which we live, he leads walks to demonstrate to people exactly that and from there we can then think about bringing the outdoors to us and this is where the 4 keys talks and thus the wildlife friendly garden designs take centre stage.

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Twitter       @SimpleLifeLtd

3 thoughts on “ABC Business of the month November is Simon Pollard from Simple Life”

  1. The Business Of the Month, congratulations to Simon Pollard of Simple Life, transforming the outdoor world for a whole manor of reasons.

    He’s a complete professional and the service is a great investment for outdoor living!

    It’s great to be part of the ABC Network community, great leadership, innovation and above all connecting like minded successful business people to share common experiences and work collectively, especially during the COVID times with it’s on-line platforms. !

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